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A little info about me

Hello there! My name is Larissa van Rijn and I graduated as a media designer from Mediacollege Amsterdam and now I am studying Communication and Multimedia design at HVA in Amsterdam.

Besides my interest in design and web design, I have several hobbies. These are drawing, gaming and being involved in game design myself. As a person, I am reliable, honest, a go-getter and have a sense of humor. I love to help people and am always eager to gain new knowledge. 

In addition to my side job and education, I am taking various courses to continue to grow in my interests and my field. Curious about my work experience? Then read on below!

VMBO-T achieved

In 2016, I received my VMBO diploma in theoretical studies.

2016 - 2017
Dekamarkt - Bread Department

During my VMBO degree, I found a side job at the Dekamarkt where I worked in the bread department.

Mediacollege Amsterdam
Beginning Media Design course

After getting my VMBO diploma, I began my MBO media design education at the Mediacollege in Amsterdam.

2017 - 2019
Kruidvat Filling shift worker

During my Media Design degree, I found a side job at the Kruidvat where I worked as a filler shift assistant.

Guestcompass - Internship

For my media design degree, I did 2 internships, 1 of which was Guestcompass. Here I made several table cards and other products that served in hotels to allow users to quickly connect to GuestCompass their webapp. This webapp works used to open hotel room doors, eliminating the need for passes. 

Bofesto - Internship

Before my internship at Bofesto, I was doing a lot of printing. Although I didn't get my full enjoyment from this, I did learn a lot. In addition, I had built the basic knowledge for working with After Effects. Unfortunately, this internship lasted 1 month due to COVID and they could not keep me.

2020 - Present
Side job at Myedesign

I joined Myedesign as a web designer and graphic designer that was just new to the market. Here I work on projects such as portfolio websites, posters, flyers and other printed materials.

Mediacollege Amsterdam
Media design degree obtained.

In 2021 I completed my Media Design degree and enrolled at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam for Communication and Multimedia Design. I thought this was a great addition to my degree where I wanted to gain even more knowledge and broaden myself more in the profession.

2021 - Present
Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Start CMD course

In 2021, I started studying CMD (Communication and Multimedia Design) at the HVA in Amsterdam. Here I got my propaedeutic in the 1st year and immersed myself in visual design in the 2nd year.

Cubefields - Internship

During my 2nd year for CMD, I did a short 10-week internship with the company Cubefields. They built in the game Minecraft different worlds for companies that were educational for children and through this let them learn about different topics.

2023 - 2024
Kledingbank Zaanstreek
Volunteer - Kledingbank Zaanstreek

Through Myedesign, I had started working as a volunteer for Clothing Bank Zaanstreek. I was responsible for revamping their website. I designed it, built it in WordPress and to this day keep it updated with current news.

2023 - Present
DEKRA Alkmaar
Side job at DEKRA

During my 3rd year at CMD, I found an additional side job at DEKRA as an administrative assistant. Although I already had a side job at Myedesign, it was not yet consistent with income and I liked this in addition to my studies. So this was a good outcome.


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