Bak n' Brood

Recipe app for bread


Tools: Adobe XD

The Bake n' Bread app is an app where you can follow recipes to bake different breads. We had chosen the light yellow color, because it makes the bread look attractive and that you, as a user, will feel like baking a loaf of bread. We had also chosen round shapes, so that this fits nicely with the round shapes of the bread, but also so that it has a modern look. 

(Hover/tap the design to view the page)


The Bake n' Bread app was a team assignment of 6 people. Everyone here had an influence on the design and testing of the app. The collaboration on the app went very well because we had given each other different roles. One person did that number of pages and the other person did another number of pages. I couldn't have wished for a better collaboration.


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